Nottingham Feminist Action Network (NFAN) is a network of women committed to challenging and fighting misogyny and inequalities faced by women, in all forms. We are a fluid and flexible group which aims to stimulate action and link women together who are working around feminist issues in Nottingham. NFAN runs on a cooperative, non hierarchical model with no fixed membership and individual action groups with their own terms of reference. Current projects/campaigns include Nottingham Women’s Conference and Reclaim the Night Nottingham.

Please note that NFAN is a WOMEN ONLY group and is open to all self defining women. We aim to create a safe space for all women, while recognising that feminism is important to a range of women and is experienced and expressed in different ways. NFAN does not endorse one specific view of feminism and aims to be inclusive of ALL women and a wide range of views and opinions.

You can connect with other feminists in Nottingham through our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/nottfems/
Or follow us on Twitter: @nottsfems


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